Saturday, December 28, 2013

Porter's 6th Birthday Party

Back in November Porter had his 6th birthday.  I am in denial, I don't know how he is already six years old!  My days of attempting elaborate birthday parties are long gone.  I no longer have the energy, time or desire to sit behind a sewing machine and create darling little party favors and create the cute little parties that I have tried to do in the past.  This year we kept things simple, we took all the kids to Classic Fun Center in Orem where the kids did the skating rink, bounce house, and climbing gym.  They let me bring in my own cake and party favors and the kids got to play for an hour and a half for only $2/kid.  It was the BEST birthday party ever, and I spent a week wondering why in the world I didn't do this sooner?  It was so fun to be able to have a party that was fun for my son and all his little friends, and not have any stress or mess.  We loved it!  Happy Birthday to the most creative little guy I know!

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